$1.9 Million Verdict For Union Pacific Conductor

Omaha, Nebraska United States District Court On September 16, 2022, the Hunegs LeNeave trial team of Paul Banker, Joshua Miller, and Randy LeNeave obtained a $1.9 million dollar jury verdict for Christopher Walls, a Union Pacific Railroad Conductor.  Judge Brian C. Buescher presided. Mr. Walls was a conductor riding the point of a shove movement… Read more »

Minnesota Jury Awards $8 Million to Canadian Pacific Railway Conductor

Minneapolis: The Hunegs LeNeave & Kvas trial team of Paul Banker, Josh Miller, and Randy LeNeave obtained a $8 million dollar jury verdict in Minnesota state court for Ryan Torbenson, a Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) conductor.  Judge David Piper presided.  After 4 ½ days of trial, the jury returned a unanimous verdict, finding CP 100%… Read more »

Hearing Impaired Conductor – $44 Million Verdict

Madison, Wisconsin: A Madison Wisconsin jury levied a $44 million dollar award to a Union Pacific railroad conductor who was mistreated by the railroad for his hearing impairment. His attorney, Thomas Fuller said, “After four days of trial, the jury had much to consider.  They ultimately saw the railroad’s bad actions for what they were.”… Read more »

MN Supreme Court rules in favor of HLK Client

The Minnesota Supreme Court in a unanimous opinion, rejected the ruling of the trial court. The Minnesota Supreme Court found that the trial court had ruled incorrectly in tossing out nearly all of the crash victims expert testimony.  The Supreme Court was “puzzled” by the District Court’s decision to find the experts causation testimony largely… Read more »

Inspectors Pressured to Accommodate Business

An independent survey of FAA safety division employees suggests they feel pressure to accommodate industry demands at the expense of safety. FAA safety workers painted a picture of a regulatory agency influenced by the companies it regulates. The survey was sent to Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., chairman of the House Transportation Committee. He said it… Read more »

Wisconsin Jury Awards $876,000 to Superior BNSF Engineer

Superior, WI.       A Wisconsin federal jury returned a $876,000 verdict in favor of an injured BNSF Railroad Engineer against the BNSF Railway and Professional Transportation, Inc (PTI). Mr. Grant Little was injured while being transported within the rail yard by a PTI transport vehicle which struck a 9-foot-high snow bank.  As their own onboard video… Read more »

Fighting Against Reducing Train Crew Size

Two Person Freight Crews Are Safer   Legislation requiring a train crew of at least two individuals has been made law in four states and is bing considered in many others. This is a national public safety issue. Cutting train crew size is being pushed by corporate interests but puts your neighborhood at risk.  At… Read more »

$12.5 Million-Dollar Itasca County Verdict Affirmed

January 2019 – The Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed a $12.5 million-dollar verdict in favor of an injured Duluth man against the construction company, Veit, Inc. While driving home from work at the BNSF Railway the injured man suffered a severe brain injury when a large rock fell over the top side of a passing… Read more »