Minnesota hits 300 deaths in 2013 motor vehicle accidents

Motorists in the Twin Cities know that if they plan to drive on the wrong road at the wrong time, they could find themselves experiencing significant delays because of traffic. Many of the major roadways are often stop-and-go at best during rush hour, and even during non-peak times, drivers know that they should build extra… Read more »

Staying safe as Minnesota’s motorcycle season begins

On behalf of Cortney LeNeave Both drivers and motorcyclists should work together to prevent accidents from occurring. The winter of 2013-2014 was a particularly harsh one for those in Minnesota. After enduring several consecutive months of below-freezing temperatures, many motorcycle owners are aching to get their bikes back on the road. With the recent good… Read more »

Minnesota boating deaths emphasize need for increased safety measures

On behalf of Cortney LeNeave Water safety issues are of heightened concern this spring in Minnesota as high water levels create risks of injuries and deaths. Everyone in Minnesota looks forward to summer and all the outdoor activities the warm weather brings, especially after long winter and cool spring like we just experienced. For many,… Read more »