Hearing Impaired Conductor – $44 Million Verdict

Madison, Wisconsin:

A Madison Wisconsin jury levied a $44 million dollar award to a Union Pacific railroad conductor who was mistreated by the railroad for his hearing impairment.

His attorney, Thomas Fuller said, “After four days of trial, the jury had much to consider.  They ultimately saw the railroad’s bad actions for what they were.”

“We felt the railroad singled out Mr Mlsna, thwarted his earnest attempts to continue as a railroad conductor and flagrantly misrepresented the hearing requirements.  Behavior not easily ignored by a jury , ” Fuller said.

We expect Union Pacific to argue the ADA statutory cap of three hundred thousand dollars applies in this case. Nonetheless, the jury’s verdict speaks loudly for employee rights.

Mark Mlsna was represented by attorneys: Thomas Fuller (Hunegs, LeNeave & Kvas) , Adam Hansen (Apollo Law) and Nick Thompson (Casey Jones Law)

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