Wisconsin Jury Awards $876,000 to Superior BNSF Engineer

Superior, WI.       A Wisconsin federal jury returned a $876,000 verdict in favor of an injured BNSF Railroad Engineer against the BNSF Railway and Professional Transportation, Inc (PTI).

Mr. Grant Little was injured while being transported within the rail yard by a PTI transport vehicle which struck a 9-foot-high snow bank.  As their own onboard video recorders showed, the PTI driver wasn’t paying attention to the road while exceeding the yard speed limit when he crashed into the snow pile. The railroad and transport company admitted liability for their negligence in this incident, but disputed causation and the amount of his damages; offering Mr. Little less than half of what the jury ultimately awarded.

At trial BNSF and PTI argued that the incident was a non-event. They maintained that any post-incident pain Mr. Little felt in his neck, shoulder, and upper back were the result of his age, weight and long-standing, pre-existing degenerative conditions.

The jury assessed the three days of trial evidence and delivered a verdict of $876,000, vindicating the injured 61 year old railroad engineer.

The case was tried over three days from July 8-10, 2019.  Mr. Little was represented by Randal LeNeave and Paul Banker of the law firm of Hunegs, LeNeave & Kvas.