$12.5 million awarded Duluth area man

April 2017 – An Itasca County jury awarded $12.5 million dollars after finding Viet Corporation responsible for the severe brain injury suffered by a 32 year old Duluth man who was struck by a large rock that fell off the top of a passing dump truck on Highway 2 near Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The jury heard evidence that Viet employees engaged in an unsafe practice of overloading dump trucks on a BNSF project – putting everyone on the highway at risk of serious injury. Unfortunately for the victim, the carelessness of Viet and the driver caused dramatic and irreversible injuries that forever disable him from many of life’s activities.

The jury recognized the magnitude of his loss by returning one of the largest verdicts ever returned by an Itasca County jury.

The injured was represented by Cortney LeNeave with the assistance of attorney Thomas Fuller and paralegal Larry Marx.  The defendant, Viet Corporation was represented by Mark Solhiem.