Boating Accidents

Minnesota Boat Accident Lawyer

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and that makes it a prime boating territory during the warm months. Thousands of boaters take their boats out onto the water and enjoy the warm weather while fishing, relaxing, or water skiing. Individuals enjoy sailboats, motorboats, yachts, canoes, and paddleboats. The lakes make the state a tourist location, so there is a lot of activity in these areas, especially during the summer.

Some of the most popular lakes include White Bear Lake, Lake Pepin, leech Lake, Lake Minnetonka, Pelican Lake, and many others. The Mississipi River and St. Croix Rivers are also very popular for boating.

Unfortunately, the influx of boats and other watercraft makes accidents rather common and they can be very serious or deadly. If you have been injured in a boating accident due to no fault of your own, Hunegs, LeNeave & Kvas can help you. We have represented thousands of clients throughout the country and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and other costs.

Skilled Legal Counsel

No matter where you were boating at the time of the accident, it is important that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. The sooner work begins on investigating the case and gathering evidence, the stronger the case is going to be. Some of the common types of injuries that occur in boating accidents include:

As for the responsible parties, they can include:

  • Other boaters
  • Dock owners
  • Drunk boaters or jet skiers
  • Boat maintenance services
  • Resorts
  • Tour agencies

It is important to identify who the negligent parties are so they can be held accountable for their actions. From there, we identify the extent of the damage so that the proper amount of compensation can be sought.

Seeking The Compensation You Deserve

Seeking compensation is necessary for multiple reasons. One reason is to secure the compensation needed to pay the expenses resulting from the accident. The second is to achieve justice in the case. When justice is achieved, examples are made and that means that other accidents that are similar can be prevented in the future.

Contact A Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer

Minnesota is known for its lakes and that means that boating accidents can and do happen. Some of these accidents are caused by the negligence of other individuals and the victims may sustain serious injuries or even be killed. If you or a loved one has been the victim in a boating accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a personal injury claim. To learn more about your rights and options, call the Wayzata, MN office at 612-339-4511 or 1-800-787-3453 to schedule a free consultation.