19-year-old dies in Minnesota car accident

Hearing that an individual has died in a Minnesota car crash can spark sorrow, but when that individual is a young person, it can be even harder to accept. A woman who was 19 years old recently passed away in a tragic rear-end car accident. These types of collisions can happen if another motorist isn’t paying sufficient attention to the highway.

According to police, the woman was driving east in the vicinity of Highway 12. She then tried to turn left. That’s when another vehicle struck the back of her automobile, authorities said.

This vehicle, driven by a man said to be 37 years old, caused the woman’s car to spin almost totally around and end up in oncoming traffic. At that point, a freight truck that was heading west broadsided her vehicle, killing her. The older driver and his passenger, who was 8 years old, suffered minor injuries; they were able to be treated and then released. The freight truck driver suffered no injuries, officials said.

The loved ones of the woman who lost her life in the multi-vehicle crash may seek to hold accountable the driver deemed to have caused the car accident. If the driver was distracted while operating the vehicle or disobeying another rule of the road, this can be viewed as negligent driver behavior. Proof of this can be furnished in a Minnesota civil court to try to establish his liability in the collision. If the court determines that the driver indeed is financially responsible for the female victim’s death, a judge will adjudicate the plaintiff’s damage claims in the plaintiff’s favor.

Source: voiceofalexandria.com, “DeGraff Woman Killed in 3-car Crash“, Joe Korkowski, July 16, 2014

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