MN Supreme Court rules in favor of HLK Client

The Minnesota Supreme Court in a unanimous opinion, rejected the ruling of the trial court.

The Minnesota Supreme Court found that the trial court had ruled incorrectly in tossing out nearly all of the crash victims expert testimony.  The Supreme Court was “puzzled” by the District Court’s decision to find the experts causation testimony largely inadmissible.  The defense pointed out inconsistencies with the experts testimony during the lengthy trial but the Supreme Court opinion states the – perceived gap in testimony is an issue for the jury because it goes to the experts credibility, not his opinions admissibility”.

The original $27.7 million jury verdict for the plane crash victim still must wait for a retrial of the liability, while the appeals court decides whether or not there should be another trial for damages.


Airplane Parts Manufacturer Ordered To Pay $27.7M To Man Injured In Crash