Union Pacific Fiery Derailment Prompts Investigation

A Union Pacific train hauling North Dakota crude through the Columbia River Gorge derailed in June, 2016 along a curve in the tracks near Mosier, Oregon. The accident sparked a fire that burned for 14 hours and causing officials to issue an evacuation order. Federal officials said the railroad was not following its own inspection… Read more »

St. Louis County Jury Awards $250,000 to BNSF Switchman

A Duluth, Minnesota jury awarded a BNSF Switchman $250,000 for injuries sustained in the railroad switching yard at night. The April 2014 trial was the result of BNSF’s typical hard line position. They offered our client, Shan Martineau, nothing in spite of his fractured thumb, injured hand and a hernia suffered during physical therapy/work hardening…. Read more »

Nebraska Jury Awards $900,000 in 2010 Union Pacific Derailment

By Russell Hubbard, WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER:: A Douglas County District Court jury has awarded a former Union Pacific train conductor $900,000 after a 2010 derailment that left him injured and unable to work. Loren Sweley, now 68, of North Platte Nebraska, sued Union Pacific after the January 2010 derailment in Columbus, Nebraska. Sweley’s lawsuit said… Read more »

Injured Minnesota Bicyclists Protected

  TEN THINGS A MINNESOTA RESIDENT SHOULD KNOW IF INJURED IN A BICYCLE VS. MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT 1. Bicyclists that are injured in a motor vehicle accident are entitled no-fault benefits (medical and wage loss) by Minnesota law. 2. You are entitled to no-fault benefits no matter who is at fault. 3. No-fault provides up… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation Under Attack

Over the past decade, state legislatures have been dismantling America’s workers’ compensation system with serious economic consequences for many workers who suffered serious on the job injuries.  The cutbacks have been so drastic in some places that injured workers fall into poverty. (Even though railroad workers have FELA protections and are not subject to workers’… Read more »

Minneapolis Jury Awards $828,200 to Canadian Pacific Railroad Engineer

On January 14, 2014, a Hennepin County jury awarded a Canadian Pacific Railroad engineer $828,200 for injuries suffered while uncoupling a locomotive air hose. Minneapolis attorney William Kvas represented engineer Roger Wogstad, who was struck in the face by the coupler of a locomotive air hose. Canadian Pacific blamed Wogstad for failing to turn off… Read more »

Douglas County Jury Awards $305,000 in Medical Malpractice Claim

On December 12, 2014, a Douglas County, Nebraska jury awarded $305,000 to a Nebraska couple represented by attorneys William Kvas and Richard Dinsmore.  The verdict followed a one week trial which the jury heard from conflicting experts on whether hand surgeon, Dr. D. Ichtertz, met the standard of care in his treatment of Brandy Barton…. Read more »

Bicycle-car accidents in Minnesota can yield serious injuries

As the weather turns warmer, motorists in Hennepin County can expect to see more bicyclists out on the road and this means that occasionally, a car and a bicycle are likely to collide. Unfortunately for the cyclist, they are likely to suffer more serious injuries as a result of that crash. Recently, a bicyclist received… Read more »

Car accident results in injuries to bicyclist

On behalf of Hunegs, LeNeave & Kvas, Attorneys at Law posted in Car Accidents on Thursday, August 14, 2014. A simple bike ride in Minnesota turned into tragedy for a man recently. A bicyclist is susceptible to suffering major injuries in a car accident because the individual has nothing to shield him or her from… Read more »

Teen dies in Minnesota car accident mentioned on Facebook

On behalf of Hunegs, LeNeave & Kvas, Attorneys at Law posted in Car Accidents on Wednesday, August 6, 2014. One family unfortunately lost their loved one in a tragic vehicle accident in Minnesota recently. The car accident occurred in late July and caused a teenager who was 16 years old to become seriously injured. The… Read more »